Star Wars: Who Was The First Jedi Knight?

The history of Star Wars’ great heroes is a confusing tangle that spans several canons, but who was the first person to fill this possible site?

Even though Star Wars has presented a very tiny fraction of its vast total history, the franchise has chosen to characterize many of its most major events in obscure terms. Despite the enormous gaps, studying everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away still has a slew of new concepts that may or may not make it to the big or small screen in their lifetime.




Since the beginning of the Star Wars saga in 1977, the Jedi or their equivalents have appeared as protagonists in every major Star Wars film and television series. A fissure occurred in the narrative when Walt Disney owned the brand in 2012, which is regrettably still visible today.

This implies that the vast majority of the deeper lore, as well as anything outside of the films, television series, and video games, has been ruled non-canon. Some of that knowledge, which is referred to informally as the Legends continuity, may ultimately be included in the official canon, but much of it is likely to be lost, as much of it has already been.

The history of the Jedi is extensive and complicated, particularly in light of the risk that it may all be thrown out the window with future films. First and foremost, defining what a Jedi Knight is begged the question of what a Jedi Knight is. The phrase, although generally known across the galaxy and one that many residents would use to describe any Jedi does have a special meaning in the Star Wars canon.

In essence, a Jedi Knight is a full-fledged member of the Order of the Temple. Their time at the Academy has been well spent, and they’ve served as a Padawan under the guidance of an established mentor. They’ve also passed the Jedi Trials. At the direction of the Jedi Council, Jedi Knights begin the mission of maintaining peace and executing justice throughout the galaxy.

It is just because of this specificity that it is difficult to tell who the first Jedi Knight is. The Legends continuity relates the narrative of the origins of the Jedi faith and the establishment of the Jedi Order that sprang from it. A religious organization that advocated a balance between the light and dark aspects of the Force was the ancestor of the Order of the Phoenix.

Those who followed the dark separated from the group, just as those who followed the light did. Through a series of fresh evolutions, the latter eventually became the Jedi that fans are familiar with today. As Jedi were accepted into the Galactic Republic as peacekeeping agents, the language for Jedi Knights began to change.




This ragtag group of Jedi followed the orders of a single Jedi Master who served as the group’s commander, and there were no laws or regulations in place. Following the completion of their appointed job, the Master would promote them to the rank of Jedi Knight. The first individual to acquire that rank is not identified, therefore the question of who was the first remains unanswered.

a video game released in 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic provided a kind of solution to the central topic by creating not one, but four first Jedi Knights in response to the query. During one of the MMO’s missions, players are tasked with investigating the Jedi homeworld of Tython, where they discover an old hologram displaying the original figures.

Four of the first Jedi Knights, Cala Brin, Garon Jard, Ters Sendon, and Rajivari, were the Order’s founders and, thus, the Order’s first four Jedi Knights. Each represented a crucial component of the religion and behavior of the person. Brin advocated for putting emotions aside to achieve justice. Jard advocated for peace and thought that violence should only be used as a last option in extreme situations.

Send was a scribe who believed in the need to meticulously preserve the group’s history. Last but not least, Rajivari established the Jedi Archives, although he would eventually become the first Jedi to join the Dark side. The Order was founded by this group, although they were only briefly shown in the series until they were most likely labeled non-canon the next year.


The current Disney canon varies somewhat from this explanation, although it has the potential to return to it in the future. The temple on Ahch-To, which appears in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, serves as a fresh beginning place for the Jedi Order. Arch-To is well-known to Star Wars fans as the waterlogged planet where Rey discovers Luke Skywalker after a lengthy period of exile.

On the planet where the prongs live, there is also an ornate stone structure that serves as a tease for what will be revealed in the new response to the question. A statue is known as the “Prime Jedi” may be found within the first Jedi temple, which has been designated as such in subsequent works.




The Prime Jedi in the new timeline is referred to as a unique individual, rather than as one of a quartet as in the game’s story. The Prime Jedi’s identity is unknown, but being the originator of the Order, it is reasonable to assume that they would claim the position of the first Jedi Knight.

The symbolism derived from the Tao is the closest thing the current continuity has to a first Jedi Knight in terms of symbolism. This character might be a metaphoric role or a single symbol that relates to numerous individuals, perhaps including the four characters from our previous narrative.

Even while Star Wars hasn’t yet shown anything as far back in time as the series’ history, this Prime Jedi may prove to be the solution to this query in the future. Despite the franchise’s stress on the Order, there is still so much about the history of the Jedi that fans will have to wait a long time before learning more.

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