Saints Row Will Let Players Customize Their Character Before Release

Volition has revealed that Saints Row fans will be able to customize their avatars before the game’s release, but details have not yet been given.

Saints Row: The Third has provided gamers with an in-depth look at all of the customization options ahead of the game’s August release. Each player’s boss will be completely customizable, and each player’s cars and offices will be highly customizable as well. It was originally said that Saints Row’s character creator would be the most in-depth character creator in the series’ history, and this has proven to be true.


Just by glancing at the character customization options available in Saints Row, it’s evident that players will be able to lose themselves in the game for hours. There are a plethora of alternatives for everything conceivable, including novel techniques such as asymmetrical face design, which are becoming more popular.

With this in mind, players may construct a multitude of face possibilities by deciding how they wish to construct each side of the face. It is possible that one side has smeared lipstick and the other has a massive, caved-in facial deformity.

Hair, clothes, prostheses, skin material (players might appear like woodland elves if they so want), and more are all available, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities available.

It’s possible to use presets for players who want something easy so they can get started right away, but anybody who wants to spend hours here doesn’t have to wait until Saints Row launches in order to do so.

Prior to the release of this new clip, Game Rant attended a presentation in which Volition, towards the conclusion, announced that gamers would be able to create their own Saints Row Boss before the game’s release.

The specifics will be revealed in due course, but the short and sweet of it is that players will be allowed to access the character design before the game’s official release date and do everything they would usually do in the game.

It was also not mentioned when the event would take place, although it is expected to take place sometime in late June or early August (although that is speculation at this time).

When it comes to video games, character customization is quite significant since many players want their characters to look and behave exactly as they want them to in things like cutscenes and gameplay. Whether it’s The Sims or Dragon Age: Inquisition, gamers have spent countless hours customizing their avatars to the highest degree of perfection.

Players will be able to prepare for just that thanks to Saints Row’s method, without needing to put offloading into the game altogether.

Although it is not yet apparent how this will function, it is really exciting. As of right now, Saints Row offers an all-new sandbox to explore, as well as all-new characters and groups, as well as an abundance of other new features. This is definitely the frosting on the cake when it comes to making sure that this character creator is used to its maximum capacity, which it most certainly has.

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