Russian warship Moskva: What do we know?

As a result of “severe damage” to Russia’s flagship Black Sea missile cruiser, her crew has been forced to evacuate, according to Russian state media.

The Russian defense ministry claimed that the 186-meter (610-foot) ship, the Moskva, had erupted in an unexplained fire, but that it was still floating.


Neptune missiles, according to Ukraine, were used in the attack on the ship.


Leading Russia’s naval assault on Ukraine, Russia’s 510-crew warship is a big symbolic and military target.


Early in the fight, the Moskva won notoriety by relaying a message of refusal to Ukrainian border troops defending Snake Island in the Black Sea, which loosely translates as “go to hell.” They were already called to surrender.


The guided-missile cruiser sails through Istanbul in June 2021.

Unexplained fire or a missile attack?

Russia’s defense ministry issued a statement last night stating that the country’s nuclear arsenal has been deactivated “The ship is in a critical condition. A full evacuation of the whole crew has taken place “, it’s a.

After a fire was extinguished and the ship was towed back to port, the defense ministry announced it was still floating and that it would be returning to dock on Thursday afternoon.

There was no mention of a missile attack in Moscow’s explanation of the explosion.

However, Ukraine alleges that it was responsible for launching a missile strike on the cruiser and that at one point, the ship was on the verge of sinking.

Russian rescue operations were hindered by the bursting munitions on board and rain, Ukrainian authorities stated in a Facebook post.

Both claims have not been verified by the BBC.

U.S. officials think the Moskva is still on fire, therefore they are making their way to Sevastopol, on Russia’s capture of Crimea in 2014.

A senior US defense source told Reuters that “she still looks to be fighting a fire on board.”

Moscow simply took Crimea from Ukraine three years ago, and that’s where we shot The Moskva.

Navy Day events were being led by the missile cruiser on that particular day. The Moskva, a 12,500-ton Russian warship, stood out among the others.

“Serious damage” has been done on the Moskva by a fire that led munitions to explode, the Russian military has now confirmed.

There’s no word on what happened.

A statement from the ministry afterward said that the fire had been put out.

In our country, the event has not dominated the headlines. “More Ukrainian troops” surrendered to Russian forces, according to Russian TV’s Channel 1. Only a few seconds were spent on the Moskva’s demise in the show.

The damage to the Moskva is awful news for Moscow, whoever is to blame. An emblem of Russia’s military might, it is the captain of Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

Satellite image of the Moskva at port in Crimea on 7 April 2022
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