Supreme Court Will Review Legality of Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

It has been stated that the Supreme Court of the United States would evaluate the validity of the student loan forgiveness scheme that was implemented by the Biden Administration at the beginning of 2023 Legality Biden’s Student Loan.

Key Take Away

Oral arguments on the question of whether or not President Joe Biden’s plan to forgive student loans violate federal law are scheduled to take place in February 2023, according to an announcement made by the United States Supreme Court, and a decision is expected to be rendered by June of that same year.
Although two different court judgments had temporarily suspended the proposal to cancel student debt, the one that is currently being evaluated by the Supreme Court is the one from the United States. Appellate Division for the Eighth Circuit.

Court of Appeals.

As a result of the ongoing lawsuit, the White House decided to prolong the period during which borrowers are exempt from making payments on their student loans until either sixty days after the program has been put into effect or until June 30, 2023, whichever comes first.

The Conclusive Result of Legal Disputes

The Supreme Court issued an order on Thursday stating that a countrywide injunction on President Joe Biden’s proposal to erase student loans would remain in place for the time being, but that the court will hear arguments on the legality of the program in the near future. The oral arguments are now planned to take place in February 2023, and a judgment is anticipated to be rendered by June of the same year.

The proposal to cancel student loans has been halted due to two distinct decisions from the courts. The United States government drafted the order that is currently being considered by the Supreme Court of the United States. Appellate Division for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Six Different States

Six different states, including Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina, had argued that the president had overstepped his authority with the loan forgiveness program and that it posed a threat to the revenue of their state-based loan servicers, which profit from the federal student loan payments.

On November 18, the administration of Vice President Joe Biden submitted a request to Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who is in charge of emergency petitions pertaining to the 8th Circuit, to remove the injunction.

Not long after that, the Department of Justice submitted a notice of appeal to the United States. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which was denied one day before the announcement made by the Supreme Court.

Report on the Current Status of the Debt Forgiveness Plan

Back in August of 2022, Vice President Biden presented the details of his student loan forgiveness program. During his campaign, Biden made a commitment to cancel $10,000 worth of outstanding student loan debt. It includes a debt cancellation benefit of up to $20,000 for recipients of Pell Grants and up to $10,000 for recipients of other types of grants (private student loans are ineligible for forgiveness) Legality Biden’s Student Loan.

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To this day, more than 40 million borrowers in total are currently qualified for debt relief, approximately 26 million Americans have applied for the program, and the United States government has provided debt relief to more than 1 trillion dollars in total debt. 16 million of those requests had already been granted approval by the Department of Education.


Despite the fact that you could be one of the fortunate few who have already finished filling out an application, the United States In the meantime that these lawsuits are making their way through the judicial system, the Department of Education has decided to suspend the program.

The pause in student loan payments has been extended by the White House so that borrowers have more time to wait for the final court decisions. The new end date for the pause is either 60 days after the program has been unblocked or June 30, 2023, depending on which comes first.

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