New service lets people buy college books now and pay for them later

Sezzle gives students the option of making payments over a period of time without charging them interest Targets College Books.
Sezzle is a business that allows customers to buy items immediately and then make payments for them at a later date. This option gives students who have trouble affording the needed textbooks for each year another financial choice.

In response to the increasing cost of college textbooks and other educational costs, the financial technology company Sezzle has announced a partnership with the Independent College Bookstore Association in order to provide its payment option.


Sezzle is a payment plan that is offered at over 230 campus stores in the United States and Canada. This plan enables students to make purchases, such as textbooks, school supplies, and other items, and then pay for them over the course of four installments. The consumer is given the opportunity to make a payment using a method that is analogous to that of a credit card, but there are no interest fees associated with the use of this payment option.

Chief Executive Officer of Sezzle

The Chief Executive Officer of Sezzle, Charlie Youakim, was quoted as saying in a statement that “no student should ever miss out on educational opportunities because they are afraid about their capacity to pay at the time of service.”

The high cost of college textbooks can have a severe influence on a student’s ability to acquire an education as well as their financial situation. Students frequently take out larger amounts of debt or forego the purchase of required course materials in order to pay the cost of Targets College Books. Over the past few decades, the price of books has skyrocketed to much higher levels. According to OpenStax, a nonprofit organization with its headquarters at Rice University that works towards the goal of making more textbooks available for free to college students, the cost of a single new textbook can now exceed $300.

The Drawbacks of Utilizing BNPL

In comparison to credit cards, BNPL services can offer more reasonable finance for urgent requirements; nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that these services also come with a few drawbacks. Students who are unable to make their payments in accordance with the conditions of the agreement are likely to be subject to fees. In contrast to credit cards, BNPL applications and services are not subject to the same stringent regulations as yet.

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If students count on BNPL to pay their bills, rather than tackle their financial issues head-on, they may only be able to put off a solution to those issues for longer. A hard inquiry is performed by some BNPL applications, which may have a marginally negative impact on your credit score. Your payment information may or may not be reported to the three credit agencies via a BNPL app. If it is, your credit score may improve if you are prompt with your payments, but it may suffer if you are unable to meet your responsibilities.


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