New Fortnite Leak Claims Dead By Daylight Crossover Happening

There aren’t any other two online games out there that enjoy crossovers nearly as much as Fortnite and Dead by Daylight do. Both of these games frequently collaborate with major businesses to add new characters, products, and outfits to their respective universes.

Dead by Daylight

A new rumour has it that the two will take it to the next level and crossover with one another, bringing a survivor to Fortnite and an exclusive charm to Dead by Daylight. This would be a step up from the previous rumour, which suggested that the two would just crossover.

Fortnite Dead

This rumour originated from the trustworthy Fortnite insider ShiinaBR, who reports on leaks related to the game on a consistent basis. In the earlier part of the day, they spread the rumours by claiming, “RUMOR: A partnership between Fortnite and Dead by Daylight could take place very soon!”

There is a possibility that we will get a “Llama” charm in DBD and a “Meg Thomas” skin in Fortnite. This information was provided to me by an unknown source, who also sent me this image and some other proof a few days ago.

The tweet also included two images: one depicted Meg Thomas, a survivor from the game Dead by Daylight, and the other featured a llama named Loot. Even though the picture of Meg Thomas looks like it’s from Dead by Daylight, the picture of the Loot Llama looks like some kind of design document. It has the Dead by Daylight logo in the top left corner, as well as notes around the picture and references to a “contract.”

Loot Llama

The Loot Llama page also includes the phrase “Method resulting in reward may be determined upon declaration,” which seems to imply that the process of acquiring the charm had not yet been defined at the time that this image was made available to the public.

One piece of evidence that seems to support this collaboration is the recent survey that Epic sent out to players of Fortnite, in which they asked players to select which characters they’d like to see from a large list of options. Even though ShiinaBR only talks about Meg Thomas, this seems to suggest that the crossover could go on for longer.

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