LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

There are about 400 characters you can play as in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. There are nine movies you can play through and a lot of puns and sight gags. Even Jar Jar Binks can’t keep up. TT Games has been making Lego games for a long time, and this big project shows that this studio is at the top of its game The Skywalker Saga Review.

It’s full of fun brick-smashing and funny as hell Star Wars humor from start to finish. TT Games did a great job with the small parts of the game, but the huge scope of the project seems to have been too much for them to handle. Some of the content is dull or uneven, which isn’t typical for them.

The best example of this is when Luke Skywalker goes to the planet Ahch-To in The Last Jedi to close himself off from the Force. TT Games makes Luke Skywalker so funny that he hums his theme song as he tries to not pay attention to Rey in this deserted place.


We also learn that Luke has set up a big operation to get green milk from the space walruses on this island. All of this content twists Star Wars’ history in fun ways, but the journey to get there can be long and tedious. The player is often forced to run a long way to get to the content. Along the way, there’s very little to do or see, and the few distractions that do appear on Ahch-To don’t have the same level of creativity or complexity as the game’s proper level.

The majority of site content, which is a big part of this game, doesn’t live up to expectations, even though it gives you great things, like more playable characters.

TT Games’ artists did a great job making these planets. Each one is full of life, vivid details, and fan service.

Tatooine’s huge Mos Eisley spaceport is full of aliens and vehicles and feels very different from a deserted place like Hoth. All of these places have real-world scenery mixed with clever brick creations that players can interact with. The atmosphere and lighting in many of these places are very good. On the Tantive IV, the haze that surrounds Leia’s meeting with R2-D2 looks great The Skywalker Saga Review.

Smaller details, like the lightsaber’s bright glow bouncing off surfaces, like the plastic head of the person who is wielding it, are also nice.

Hunters who look for mini kits and cyber blocks have a lot of fun because they often have to solve puzzles or break things to find new routes. It’s a good idea to play these stages again when more character classes (such as the Sith) are available.

Some minigames, like R2’s terminal hacking, are used too many times. But the moment-to-moment gameplay flow in these levels is smooth and there are fewer roadblocks than in other Lego Star Wars games. There is an upgrade later that lets you pay to get around R2.

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