Lady Tsunade: Things You Need To Know About Her!

Lady Tsunade is the main character in Naruto. Fans of Naruto like Tsunade because she is smart, strong, and kind. Trivia: Lady Tsunade is the first woman to be Naruto’s Hokage. At first, she didn’t want to be in charge of the fifth position. She left the village years ago so she could live her own life. She gave up being a shinobi. She became a leader in Naruto Shippuden.


Lady Tsunade trained others while leading her tribe against Orochimaru, the Akatsuki, and the Fourth Shinobi World War. She taught Shizune the basics of being a medical ninja and helped Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka grow as ninjas. She is more than just a boss. The hard times she went through made her stronger. Fans like how smart, strong, and caring Tsunade is, as shown by how much they talk about her.

1: It is Confirmed That She Is Still Alive

Since Tsunade wasn’t shown to be dead, it’s likely that she’s still alive. Fans are sure that a movie would have been made about her if she had died. Everyone expects her to help the ninjas working for Boruto beat Kara. Fans want Tsunade to be in a new movie so they can find out more about her character.

2: The Meaning of Her Name

“The Tale of the Brave Jiraiya” is where Tsunade got her name and many of her powers. Her name came from her family. Her name means “mooring rope,” which holds a boat to its dock. The name of her little brother also meant “ties.” Meaning: “rope tree”

3: She didn’t want to be Hokage.

After Nawaki and Dan died, Tsunade stopped having hope. She didn’t step up because she thought the title was a curse. After fighting with Orochimaru, she chose to be the fifth leader of the village. Naruto helped Tsunade come to terms with her fate. Naruto showed her how important it was to be Hokage.

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4: Her Loved Ones Died

When Tsunade got close to a person, they died. Except for Naruto. Tsunade lost many friends while trying to protect the village. Her 12-year-old brother Nawaki died after his birthday watching over the village. Tsunade loved Dan in the future, but he was dead. She could have brought them back to life but said no when Orochimaru offered. She lost Jiraiya, her longtime friend, and love after she told him how she felt. Many fans were shocked by Jiraiya’s death, and it’s still one of Naruto’s saddest.

5: The Blood Type of Tsunade

In Japanese pop culture, a lot of famous people and fictional characters list their blood types. In Japan, people believe that blood types affect personality traits. The blood types of many characters are written in Naruto’s databooks. Tsunade has type B blood. This type of blood has a lot of passion and creativity. They are selfish and can’t wait. Even though Tsunade has these traits, she isn’t the only one. Her blood type is the same as that of Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Naruto.

6: One of the Strongest Characters

Tsunade was good at many things and always got better. People always said that Tsunade was the strongest character in the series. Fans thought she could beat Naruto, even though she wasn’t likely to fight him. Tsunade’s mind was usually better than her skills. She was a strong woman from Naruto Lady Tsunade.

7: Tsunade’s Zodiac Sign

According to Western Astrology, Tsunade was born on August 2, which makes her a Leo. People who are born now are creative, stubborn, and hopeful. Tsunade has the first two qualities, but she doesn’t have optimism. Tsunade always planned for the worst, but when she played games of chance, she hoped for luck.

8: She Tried to Hide Her Feelings for Jiraiya

Jiraiya was a fan-favorite character. He and Tsunade both trained under Hiruzen Sarutobi. When they first met, Jiraiya made fun of Tsunade. Jiraiya paid more attention to her as she grew, maybe too much. When he tried to see her breasts, Tsunade almost killed him.

Tsunade turned down Jiraiya for years, but when he went on a dangerous mission, she told him she loved him.

9: She’s One of Naruto’s Relatives

People thought a lot about Tsunade and Naruto’s relationship. As soon as they met, they became close. When Naruto gave Tsunade back her faith, it changed her life. During the time they were close, Naruto called her “granny.” People didn’t fall for Naruto’s trick; they knew he was joking. Naruto’s parents and Tsunade’s grandparents are on the same family tree, which means they are probably cousins.

10: She Had a Strange Phobia

Tsunade was raised to fight. She had seen fights and blood. She had a fear of blood as a teen. The fear got worse after the man she was going to marry died. Tsunade lost her brother and boyfriend in the Second Shinobi World War. Her skills couldn’t save Dan as a doctor. She had bloody hands when he died, which kept coming back to haunt her.

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