How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku

HBO Max is finally on Roku. You can stream HBO movies, TV shows, and series. Roku also has HBO originals. HBO Max sometimes doesn’t work on Roku. Roku users report technical issues when streaming HBO Max. This article will fix HBO Max on Roku.

Fix HBO Max on Roku?

  1. Compatibility devices
  2. HBO Max and Roku updates
  3. Check connection
  4. Router Reset
  5. Vpn off
  6. Reboot Roku
  7. Reinstall HBO Max
  8. Cache-clear
  9. Login again
  10. Switch shows
  11. Check for HBO Max
  12. Restart Roku
  13. Roku reset
  14. HBO Max issues

Check device compatibility

Before installing HBO Max on Roku, check your device’s compatibility because not all models support it. HBO Max’s website lists device compatibility. If your Roku isn’t compatible with HBO Max, buy a new one.

Update HBO Max and Roku

Roku updates all channels automatically. Update your Roku and HBO Max using the steps below.

1. Press Roku’s Home button.

2. Go to Settings>System>System Updates.
3. Choose Check Now and install any updates.

4. Check Internet Connection

Network problems cause many problems. Roku lets you check the internet and download speeds. See below.


  1.  Press Roku’s Home button.
  2. Settings > Network >.
  3. Check Connection.

You can boost Roku’s internet speed if you have a bad connection.


Restart the router

If the Internet connection is broken, restart the Router. The Router’s Reset button is on the back. Click Reset. If there’s no Reset button, there’s a hole on the router’s back. Press a small needle into a hole. Resetting your Router fixes internet connectivity issues.


Disable VPN

Roku only streams HBO Max in the U.S. Use your original IP address. VPN masks your IP address. Disable your VPN on Roku and check HBO Max.


  1. Restart your Roku.
  2. Restarting your Roku fixes most problems. Restarting your device fixes HBO Max issues.
  3. Select Settings > System > System Restart from the Roku home screen.
  4. Select Restart.
  5. Your Roku will automatically turn off and on.
  6. Roku’s software errors are fixed.

Then stream your favorites on HBO Max.


Method: Reinstall HBO Max

Reinstalling HBO Max fixes many bugs.
1. Press (*) on HBO Max.

2. Select Remove channel and uninstall.
3. Visit Roku’s channel store.
4. Install the HBO Max app.

5. Clear cache

Keeping caches may slow HBO Max. Clear Roku’s cache to fix HBO Max. Follow these steps to clear Roku’s cache.


  1. First, 5x Home.
  2. Press Up once.
  3. Double-click Rewind.
  4. Press Forward twice.
  5. Then, your Roku’s cache will be cleared.


Method: Login

  1. Access HBO Max online.
  2. Select Manage Devices from Profile.
  3. Sign out of your Roku device.
  4. Restart your Roku and sign in.


Try another show

If HBO Max on Roku isn’t working, try another show. If the other shows work, the problem is with the first one. Restart your Roku device or reinstall the HBO Max app.


Check HBO Max’s servers

HBO Max sometimes has server problems. Check DownDetector for similar issues. Check your home internet if you suspect a problem.


Method: Restart Roku

  1. Unplug Roku.
  2. Wait 2-3 minutes.
  3. Turn on the device after 2 minutes.
  4. Try playing HBO Max on Roku.


This fixes device glitches.


Resetting Roku

Roku can be reset in two ways. It’s:

  1. Reboot
  2. Unplug


Soft reset: Only for Roku streaming boxes. To soft reset, your Roku, press its Reset button.


  1. To hard reset Roku, go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset.
  2. Then enter the code and click OK.
  3. Then click Factory Reset.
  4. You’ve reset your Roku or TV.

Method: Call HBO Max

If none of the above solutions work, you may have a serious issue. HBO Max can help. Visit the help center to report the HBO Max Roku issue. When reporting, provide more details to help solve the issue.

HBO Max is streamed on all Roku devices. It gives you unlimited HD video fun. HBO Max on Roku may have technical issues. Any of the above methods can solve it.



1. Does Roku lack, HBO Max?

Roku offers HBO Max.


2. Why doesn’t Roku play HBO Max?

HBO Max doesn’t work on Roku for no reason. You can fix the issue with basic troubleshooting.

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