Ghostwire: Tokyo is the greatest argument yet for VRR support on PS5

Update: VRR capability for PS5 is due “in the months ahead”. Games will need to be updated to support VRR, however, all games can have the option to force VRR. This may negatively influence some titles, but we’re glad the issue exists. Let’s hope Ghostwire: Tokyo gets dedicated VRR support.

Even if VRR support for PS5 seems unlikely, the HDMI 2.1 display capability will remain on many PlayStation users’ lists due to its major impact on game performance.


Ghostwriter: Tokyo is a wonderful example of a game that would actually benefit from VRR support. Quality Mode is a high-fidelity rendering mode with ray tracing and a 30fps limit; Performance Mode is a high-framerate mode aimed for smoother gameplay with a 60fps cap.


However, Ghostwire: Tokyo offers four more graphic modes that would be much more interesting if PS5 supports VRR. Using High Framerate Quality or High Framerate Performance Modes will remove the 30fps and 60fps frame limitations, but may cause unsightly screen tearing and ghosting.

VSync is used in High Framerate Quality (VSync) and High Refresh rate Performance (VSync) modes to help reduce screen tearing. Unfortunately, using VSync adds substantial input lag and reduces the overall frame rate compared to uncapped options because it adds another overhead for the game’s engine.

The wonder of VRR

However, there is no “ideal” graphical mode in Ghostwire: Tokyo, as they all have advantages and disadvantages. VRR support would help smooth out the visual issues, mainly in Performance, High Framerate Quality, and Highest Framerate Performance modes. VRR syncs the refresh rate of the console’s output, not your display, which eliminates screen tearing and reduces the visible impact of frame drops.


Screen tearing and judder occur when your TV’s image refresh rate is out of sync with your console or PC graphics card’s frame rate. So, for example, the top half of the screen shows one frame and the bottom the next. Harmful gaming can be limited by a clear tear across the display.

The primary VRR restriction is the display’s changeable refresh rate range. VRR is active on the LG OLED CX between 40 and 120Hz, therefore if your console outputs a game in those frame rates, VRR is active. Most PS5 games now support 60fps, and VRR can help smooth out any minor frame rate drops that would otherwise be visible.

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