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Final Fantasy 14 is the second MMORPG in the series. It is a very popular game. The game has had three expansions so far, and another one is on the way. This gives fans a lot of great stories and characters to enjoy. Solus zos Galvus, also known as Emet-Selch, is a fan-favorite bad guy in Final Fantasy 14. These interesting facts about this charming bad guy might surprise you.

Emet Selch

His Real Name

At the end of the Shadowbringers story, when players have to fight Emet-Selch, they find out that his real name is Hades. A few hints are made about his real name before it is revealed.

First of all, he has control over life and death. He can bring Y’shtola back from the lifestream and use Ascian spirits to help him fight. When he invites players to see the destruction of Amaurot in the form of a dungeon, the entrance looks like the Gates of Hell because it is surrounded by flames. Therion is the last boss of this dungeon. He is a beast from the Book of Revelation that has ties to hell.

Forgetting About the Titles

Emet-Selch is the last boss in the Dying Gasp trial for Shadowbringers. Emet-Selch tells the Warrior of Light that they should both drop their titles and just be themselves. When the fight with Hades starts, the boss doesn’t have a name. It is the only Shadowbringers boss that doesn’t have a title, which shows that Emet wants to get rid of them.

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Captain Jack Wannabe

Emet-Selch has many different looks in the game and in the official art. His first appearance is as the old Garlean ruler with a beard. He is best known for how he looked when he was young, as shown in the picture above. Natsuko Ishikawa got ideas for Emet-Selch from Jack Sparrow. Emet’s habits and quirks are similar to those of Captain Jack.


So that they wouldn’t be confused with Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy 15, the crew had to work to make Emet-Selch look different from Ardyn Izunia. Their looks are different, but they both have strange personalities. They both wanted to protect their people no matter what, but the Starscourge changed Ardyn’s goals. Ardyn is the meaner bad guy, while Emet had big dreams.

In English, He’s Sarcastic

In a recent interview, the people who made the English version of Final Fantasy 14 said that Emet-Selch is meaner in the English version. Since sarcasm isn’t used as much in Japan, he is more straightforward. It’s hard to picture Emet without his sarcasm, which he uses to criticize other people and show how much he dislikes everything around him.

The Relationship Between Final Fantasy 12 and Itself

Emet-Selch has been in other Final Fantasy games in the past. In Final Fantasy 12, Esper Zalera’s Clan Primer profile says that she was “Created in opposition to Emet-Selch, Angel of Truth.” Emet’s Ascian glyph is a mirror image of Zalera’s, which is another link between the two games. In Zalera’s bio, it says that the esper was “given the job of judging people after they died,” just like the Greek god Hades, who was in charge of and judged the spirits of the dead. The name of Emet-real Selch is Hades, so he is like Zalera.

Check Out Sephiroth

In the cutscene before the final dungeon in Shadowbringers, Emet-Selch walks through a fiery tunnel. This scene is like Sephiroth in Nibelheim from Final Fantasy 7. This scene was also done by Nael van Darius in the 2010 version of Final Fantasy 14.

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