Here is What Elden Ring’s Sorceress Sellen Looks Like With No Mask On

One Elden Ring fan has discovered what Sorceress Sellen looks like when she is not wearing her mask and has shared images of her extremely realistic facial texturing with the rest of the community.

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most ambitious project to date, and the sheer scope of its open-world environment illustrates just how ambitious the studio has gotten in recent years. In The Lands Between, there are several secret dungeons, optional bosses, and NPCs with whom players may interact and gain knowledge. One Elden Ring fan-focused his attention on the NPC Sorceress Sellen and found what she looked like when she didn’t have her mask on.




Sorceress Sellen is a non-player character (NPC) in the Elden Ring who may teach the player spells if they accept to be her pupil. Players that complete her questline will get new Armor sets and spells as a result of their efforts. But it will also lead them into battle with Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and the Academy of Raya Lucaria, who are both opposed to their actions.

Redditor FreddyKrum posted images of Sorceress Sellen’s facial features to show what she seems to be like when she is not wearing her mask. Selling is portrayed only wearing a big stone mask over her whole head, which conceals even the color of her hair.

This is how she appears in the game. She seems to be a young lady with side-swept black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a tiny upper lip, as seen by these screenshots. Because Elden Ring is replete with masks for both NPCs and people, it may surprise some players to realize that Sellen has facial textures below her mask.




Sellen’s skin textures change once a certain incident occurs throughout her questline, which is rather interesting. When Sellen reaches a certain stage in the game, she transforms into a different body, although the change is scarcely visible in her character model. Although she believes her new body makes her feel younger, both versions of the character are dressed in the same covering Raya Lucarian robes and masks, making them almost similar to one another.

However, FreddyKrum’s work indicates that, under the mask, Sellen’s new body employs fresh facial textures, which are revealed in his work. The most obvious difference is that she has brown hair instead of black in her second body, but she also has a slightly different nose and darker skin tone.




As of this writing, it looks that this finding has piqued the interest of other Elden Ring lovers. An outspoken user expressed displeasure that FromSoftware had invested so much time and effort into developing not just one but two faces for Sellen, only to have her wear a large stone mask for the whole game. A second user requested that helmets be hidden in the game, which was granted.

Most Soulsborne games are well-known for the ubiquity of helmets, hoods, and strategically-angled caps that can be seen on the majority of non-player characters (NPCs). Some fans have argued that the sheer number of helmets in these games is intended to relieve FromSoftware of the burden of designing faces for the characters.

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