Elden Ring Patch Makes Finishing Ranni’s Quest Easier

A new update, version 1.05, has been released for Elden Ring patch Quest Easier. This update includes a number of bug fixes as well as a brand new feature that makes it simpler to complete Ranni’s mission.

Elden Ring’s version 1.05


Elden Ring’s version 1.05 patch, which was just released, has a new feature that makes it a little bit simpler to complete Ranni the Witch’s quest chain. FromSoftware’s massively successful open-world game received an update on June 13 that included a variety of bug fixes as well as a few additional minor additions. These additions included sound effects for Elden Ring multiplayer summon signs as well as an emphasis on certain choices within the Site of Grace menu.



Elden Ring includes many of the same elements that contributed to the success of earlier products developed by FromSoftware, such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The open-world model, on the other hand, required quite a few tweaks to be made to the tried-and-true recipe, and the total number of these modifications has grown in tandem with the game’s rising popularity.

FromSoftware’s intentionally vague design philosophy, which in the past has contributed to the infamously difficult nature of Soulslike titles, has been steadily toned down in an effort to make Elden Ring more approachable to mainstream audiences than its predecessors. This was done in an effort to make Elden Ring more competitive with other games in the series.

Patch 1.05


Patch 1.05 is the most recent attempt by the developers to make Elden Ring more balanced, and it features a rather straightforward tweak that was brought to the community’s attention by the user dark4mje on Reddit. After the latest patch was applied to the game, when the Tarnished defeat Starscourge Radahn, a marker will now show on the game map, marking the position of where the star crashed in the cutscene that follows the boss fight. This also shows where the entrance to a hidden area is, which is needed if a player wants to finish the long chain of quests given by Ranni the Witch.

When it comes to the distribution of knowledge regarding Elden Ring and the Lands Between, it seems as though FromSoftware is still trying to achieve the optimal balance. The vastness of Elden Ring has demonstrated that the design choices that were made for prior Soulslike games, in which there was no map of any type and the game relied entirely on memory, are not appropriate for this particular format.




It is not the first update to add quest markers to Elden Ring, and it is possible that it will not be the last. Patch 1.05 was released.

Players were encouraged to explore new areas and were instilled with a feeling of wonder as they made fresh discoveries as a result of the Elden Ring map being purposefully left ambiguous at launch and throughout the weeks that followed. It makes less sense to keep that knowledge obscure now that the majority of the Lands Between has been thoroughly explored.

As any player who is lost may simply search up the answer online. Even though the map markers in Elden Ring are not as detailed as those in many other popular games, they give enough information that people are much less likely to look for answers online than they were with FromSoftware’s earlier games Elden Ring patch Quest Easier.

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