Elden Ring Fan Unmasks Sorceress Sellen to Find Surprisingly Beautiful Face

Elden Ring has lived up to the standards Since FromSoftware launched it in 2019, It has tighter combat, harder adversaries, and severe locations. Its new mechanisms allow users to attack Elden Ring’s universe as they choose.


Elden Ring, an open-world game, introduces new characters, skills, and fighting systems to FromSoftware’s repertoire. Sorceress Sellen has lately caught the community’s attention.

Sorceress Sellen is a Merchant NPC that teaches players about sorceries and flintstones. Fans wonder what the NPC looks like without her stone mask. One Redditor unmasked her, displaying a detailed face.

u/FreddyKrum uploaded Sorceress Sellen’s unmasked screenshots on r/EldenRing. u/screenshots FreddyKrum’s indicate that the character’s face properly renders.



Players seldom see Sellen’s genuine face in an ordinary action. Her big stone mask obscures her hair and actual features. These screenshots depict a fully rendered, youthful face.

Players was impres by her dark hair, blue eyes, and delicate features. Sellen features 2 separate face models pre- and post-transformation, despite never seeing her face throughout gameplay. The metamorphosis has a visual impact in-game, despite the stone mask.

The new facial design supports Sellen’s assertion that she feels younger. Her hair becomes dark, her nose alters, and her complexion pales. This hidden information is interesting.

Fans was amaz that developers put so much effort into a disguised face. These characters were clearly designed with great care, even though gamers can’t see every feature.

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