Best Elden Ring Fan Challenge

Leaves tell a tale. Tarnished didn’t give up his silly dreams and grew bored with Elden Ring playthroughs. Because the game wasn’t hard enough, some of them used Dance Pads as controllers and charged Melania naked. Elden ring best fan challenges runs resulted.


These challenge runs are fan concepts or a way for good players to prove they can kill a deity. Elden Ring has no difficulty slider, so this should even things out. If these Elden Ring challenge runs don’t attract maidens, players have grown good.

No Maidens, No Torrent/Level 1 Run

White-faced Varre insults maiden-less players. It’s time to show him that one doesn’t require maidens to become Elden Lord, even if it means refusing Melina’s Torrent warranty offers. Players can’t level up either. It is starting as a Wretch.

No Maiden

Gray areas exist. Those who need Torrent can accept Melina’s Accord dealership offer but not level up. The challenge is to stay at level 1, that’s non-negotiable. They can die and get hit as long as they stay at level 1 unless they choose to combine this with the other challenges and become the Gigachaddest Elden Lord.

Dance Pad/Any Weird Controller Run

Any unusual controller will suffice for this Elden Ring challenge run, from dance pads to Taiko drums to potatoes. Someone beat the dance pad version and beat optional boss Melania. So no excuses.


Any non-gamepad, non-console, non-mouse-and-keyboard controller will do. Players must seek online instructions on how to use these controllers. The amount of practice, re-adjustments, and input lag should make this a challenging run in gaming history.

Torches Only Run

Bad weapon difficulties are common in Souls games, and torches are among the worst. Actually, they’re not weapons. They’re mostly fantasy flashlights that illuminate unseen foes. One can put opponents to sleep, but only one elden ring best fan challenges.


Having only a torch and fire damage against Elden Ring’s adversaries is rough. Some are resistant to fire, and the torches’ poor range and weak Ashes of War make most encounters miserable.

Consumables-Only Run

Consumables-only runs test players’ skill, resourcefulness, and patience. Players must grind and construct for consumables, which takes time. The player’s armory should be filled with throwing knives, pots, and perfumes.


Everything else is allowed as long as participants use finite consumables. Crafting expenses, FP consumption fees, and janky cost-to-benefit ratios ensure that this run’s challenge never runs out. This challenge’s unpleasant bosses include Rykard.

Roguelike/Deathless Run

Roguelike games require players to start from the beginning if they die. Elden Ring and other Souls games include a roguelike mechanic (or roguelite) in dropping Runes, but it’s not as harsh or terrible as starting over from scratch.

This runs without dying. If a character dies, they must be destroyed or disregarded and a new one created to continue the game. Deathless runs may be simpler with Spirit or Ash summoning or over-leveling; players may want to combine this with other challenges.

Dark Souls Run

Dark Souls run is accessible. Elden Ring’s new Souls mechanics cause players to ignore self-imposed rules. Elden Ring will be played as Dark Souls 3 or prior games. Players must follow these rules to continue:


  • No Ash/Spirit summons
  • No Ashes of War customization (as is on the weapons)
  • No downloading, no jumping
  • No Magic Medicine
  • No Counterguards
  • No Map That’s fascinating. If a character disobeys any of these, they’re trash. Non-cheating.

Hitless Naked Run

No-hit or hitless runs are nerve-wracking challenges. Players can do anything except getting hit. Hitting a character means beginning afresh. Players shouldn’t wear armor if they’re not getting hit.

It’s hard, but players can over-level or use Ash or Spirit summons. This should help. Elden Lords who don’t detest their sanity too much could combine the solo, no summons run with a hitless run.

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Offline Solo, No-Summons Run

“Solo, no-summons” is a nice place for players to start in the challenge run hierarchy. It comes down to being a stubborn Souls purist and ignoring the Ash and Spirit summon mechanics, as well as NPC and co-op player summons.



This is the lone run for many. Using this strategy, some may have already completed the game. It’s a tough run since players are handicapped by not using Ash and Spirit summoning, as the game’s bosses were intended for them.

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