Bungie Hints at Upcoming Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Piece

According to information included in a ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post, the Destiny 2 community thinks it will get a new exotic gear set shortly.

Even though Destiny 2 is mainly a shooting game, the game is also heavily focused on looting. As a result of the Witch Queen update, players of Destiny 2 now have access to an extensive collection of new weapons and gear parts to outfit their Guardian with. No other piece of Destiny 2 equipment is held in as high regard as an Exotic item, whether it be a fantastic weapon or a powerful piece of gear. Exotic goods in Destiny 2 are usually obtained via either particular tasks or raids that a player has completed Destiny 2 Exotic Armor.

fusion-rifle (1)

Some Destiny 2 players discovered that farming Lost Sectors was a faster and more effective method to get Exotic goods in the Witch Queen update for the game. With the debut of the Witch Queen just a couple of months ago, many Destiny 2 players already have the rare goods that they want, whether they got them via farming tricks or the more traditional means. In contrast, according to a recent “This Week at Bungie” blog article, fans may soon be able to purchase a new Exotic piece of equipment.

Players on Reddit think that an Exotic gear component about Fusion Rifles will be released soon as a result of a remark in Bungie’s latest blog article, which they feel is correct. Fans discovered a piece of information hidden inside the conversation about the new Airborne effectiveness weapon stat amid the long winding update. To modify the way main weapons function when a player is in the air, airborne effectiveness reduces the amount of aim help available to players, forcing them to depend more on their ability while taking down foes while gliding. A further article explained how Exotic gear impacts Airborne effectiveness as well, and an unknown piece of equipment was said to provide +30 to Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles when in the air.

Destiny 2 fans have interpreted this to suggest that a new piece of Exotic armor will most likely be released shortly and that it would increase the stats of Fusion Rifles in some way. In Destiny 2, Fusion Rifles replace regular bullets with pure energy, enabling players to destroy their foes with a single shot. After a brief period of preparation, they launch a barrage of missiles at their adversaries. Fusion Rifles are plentiful in Destiny 2, although they don’t see much action in either the PvE or the PvP modes.


Hopefully, the introduction of this new Exotic shield item will help to alter that. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Bungie has a knack for teasing Destiny fans in its blog entries, often hinting at upcoming content and rewarding those who take the time to read through the whole update’s language. This Week at Bungie blogs has previously provided information on planned expansions and shown gameplay changes, such as the Elemental updates to Destiny 2.

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