Australia election: PM Morrison’s security team in car crash in Tasmania

A car with the security team of the Australian prime minister crashed while they were on a campaign trip to Tasmania.


When two cars hit each other, four police officers were damaged but not seriously, authorities said.

PM Scott Morrison was not in the car, but the accident made him cancel all of his campaign events on Thursday.

The other driver was not hurt.

Initial investigations show that the second car “hit the back of the police car, as it tried to merge.” It made the unmarked security car roll off the road.

The two Tasmanian police officers and two Australian Federal Police officers were still alive when they were taken to a hospital for medical tests, the prime minister’s office said, adding that they were still being checked out.


Four police officers were taken to hospital after the accident.


There have been talks with family members and they are being kept up to date on their condition, a statement said.

People who work for the Prime Minister are always very thankful for the protection they give them. The Prime Minister wishes them well and sends his best wishes to them and their families.

On May 21, Australians go to the polls to vote for their next government. His conservative coalition wants to run for a fourth term as prime minister. Morrison has been prime minister since 2018.

A lot of people think the opposition Labor Party, led by Anthony Albanese, is going to win. However, at the last election in 2019, Mr. Morrison defied similar polling to claim victory.

Mr. Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition has 76 seats in the House of Representatives, which is the number of seats needed to stay in power.

In the election, there will be a lot of talk about how much it costs to live, how people feel about politicians, and how safe the country is.

As recently as a few weeks ago, the prime minister was accused of being mean to people. One time, the prime minister said that a rival was less electable because of where he came from. As for the suspicions, Mr. Morrison negates them.

Mr. Albanese got into trouble this week when he forgot about the unemployment rate or the interest rate for the country.

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