How do I fix my Apex Legends game chat not working?

The popular battle royale multiplayer game Apex Legends is completely free to play and features a competitive element. Respawn Entertainment, the developer studio, and Electronic Arts, the publisher, are responsible for creating this video game. There are a total of twenty teams in Apex Legends, each consisting of three players .


The same can be said for the fact that the game includes some of the gameplay elements from earlier Titanfall games. The gameplay consists of both competitive team matches and those that need players to work together. Therefore, in-game communication and voice chat are crucial components of a successful strategy for winning games.

Apex Legends may be downloaded and played on a number of different consoles and mobile operating systems, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Microsoft Windows. This page serves as a troubleshooting guide for the voice chat and game chat features of Apex Legends, which are not functioning properly on PC.
Fixing the problem where voice chat and game chat in Apex Legends aren’t working on your computer.

Options and fixes available for the PC:

Switch Out the Headphones

Players who are experiencing issues with their voices in Apex Legends on PC might begin by trying a different pair of headphones. There’s a possibility that the problem you’re having with the voice chat in your game is caused by faulty headphones. Therefore, switching to a different headphone device can help you determine whether the problems with voice chat are caused by your headphones or not.

Check the settings for your microphone’s level of privacy.

The problems with voice chat could be caused by the privacy settings on your Windows computer.

Therefore, checking the privacy settings for the microphone on your computer can solve the problem.

To accomplish this, look for the word “microphone” in the box that says “search” >> Select “Microphone privacy settings” from the options that appear >> Take a look at all of the applications that are authorized to use the microphone on your device >> Check to see if Origin or Apex Legends can access your microphone and that they have the authorization to do so.

Bring Your Audio Drivers Up to Date

In most cases, the manufacturing firm for gaming headphones will update the audio drivers in the headphones. Therefore, go to the website of the manufacturer to obtain the most recent drivers for your headphones, and then download and install them.
Corrections And Alternative Solutions For PlayStation Consoles:

Remove and Reconnect Your Headphones’ Cables

Unplug your headphones or remove your wireless headphones from your console. Then, simply plug them back in or reconnect the wireless headphones. It’s possible that this will fix the audio problems with the voice chat in the game.

Restart Your Console

Another possible solution is to remove the headphones from your console and then restart it. This might help fix the problems with the game’s voice chat.

Alternative Solutions And Fixes For Xbox Consoles:

Unplug and reattach your headphones, if necessary.

Problems with voice chat in the game might sometimes be caused by an improper connection. Therefore, to reset the connection between your headphones and your console, simply unplug or disconnect them first, and then plug them back in. Your problems with the game’s voice chat might be solved by doing this.

Put your console into standby mode and perform a reboot.

Connecting your headphones after a clean boot of your computer is another potential solution to the voice chat problems you’re experiencing in the game.

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