Apex Legends Clip Shows Bangalore and Newcastle Lobby Interaction

The release of Apex Legends Season 13 has led to the discovery of a lobbying contact between Bangalore and her brother, Newcastle, among other things.


The first season of Apex Legends has already started, despite the fact that it may seem impossible. In the Outlands, Season 13, dubbed Saviors, has introduced a slew of new features and content. For example, the tropical map Storm Point has experienced remarkable revisions, with Downed Beast being added as a new place on the island. The most noticeable addition is the new Legend named Newcastle, which is available now.

While Apex Legends has had its fair number of exciting Legends introduced to the roster over the course of the last couple of years, Newcastle manages to stick out among the crowd. The guy, who claims to be Bangalore’s long-lost brother, brings his own powerful arsenal to the fight royale. Designed to provide defensive assistance to his comrades with fortifications and shields, he has a defensive focus.

Even while players continue to get familiar with Newcastle and learn how to best use his powers in combat, some fans have lately been treated to a peek of the more fun side of the Legend.

A Reddit member by name of itslik2002 posted a video of themselves while playing Apex Legends Season 13 in a post on the site.

Bangalore walked out of the game to meet Newcastle in the in-game lobby, which was the beginning of the engagement. She immediately mocks the new Legend’s heroic attitude by pointing him in the direction of the camera.

She then makes fun of his battle visor, which he wears when fighting. Just to make things worse, she then points to his disproportionately big belly, implying that it had grown larger since the last time they had seen one other.


Season Release

Unsurprisingly, this funny encounter between Bangalore and Newcastle has drawn the attention of a large number of members of the Apex Legends community on the social media platform Reddit. Many players loved the minor feature that We can add to the in-game lobby, as seen by the more than 16.3K upvotes received in less than a day.

A handful of players were it will take with the interactivity that they expressed a desire for the maker to include even more in the future. According to Penta-Dunk, who posted on Reddit, “This is fantastic! We need more lobby conversations amongst legends like this.”

In addition to the great replies from fans, one of the developers who worked on the design of Newcastle’s stadium expressed his thoughts about the interaction.  They went on to say that they had liked working on the character during the creation process.

It is probable that discovering these sorts of character interactions in Apex Legends will be a thrilling experience for many fans. In light of the clear pleasure the creators had in creating Newcastle, it would be curious to see whether players are able to uncover any other secret interactions between Bangalore and the New Legend in the game.

Regardless, Season 13 of the renowned battle royale game looks to be building up to be an exciting moment for lovers of the popular game.

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